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Играя в Destiny можно заболеть?

Играя в Destiny можно заболеть?. - Изображение 1

Вчера (или уже сегодня) в pvp-активности (crucible) мой титан получил любопытный баф - Brilliance 3.2. Баф имеет следующее описание:

"Brilliance 3.2 has been transmitted to you. Increased XP and reputation gains for the duration of Transmission."

Визуально баф выглядит как рой зеленых мошек, летающих вокруг головы гардиана (я сделал скрин, но он остался на консоли).

На сайте http://owlsector.bungie.net/#en можно увидеть карту с растущим числом "зараженных" одним из пяти бафов. Далее, на сайте есть раздел с обновляющимися логами переговоров по каждому бафу.


Owl Sector Internal, OS-I6 1
SHU: How long since we last convened? QUI: I can still recall the Dawn Calamity, so not long enough. BER: I've got consistent and strange reports coming in from across the system. SHU: Try me. BER: A few Guardians in the field report being swarmed by some kind of electronic mite. The first few after visiting the Dust Palace on Mars, but the rest from all over. SHU: How bad? BER: Fantastic, apparently. At least, that's what they're yelling over comms. Is happy shouting a medical issue? Do we take this to the Vanguard? QUI: Ikora first. The Hidden might know something.


Owl Sector Internal, OS-I6 2
SHU: Berriole's deployed on Mars, Quist is whimpering in the corner— QUI: Slander. SHU: Correction to the record. Quist is curled up in the corner, making noises of outrage— RAM: Officially, the Vanguard suggestion of quarantine was implemented and shortly afterwards reversed due to irreparable ineffectiveness. Unofficially, they laughed at Quist. Refer to Quist’s notes, which will be released to all of the Owl Sector after appropriate redactions. I remind the Sector that public records can be read by children; please word reports accordingly. Next steps? SHU: Segregating affected Guardians is impossible at this time. But limiting civilian exposure is still possible. Critical, in fact. RAM: Guardians are more likely to respect exclusion from the City than confinement to our hospital wing. SHU: I don’t want to see the effects of this tech mite on those without the Traveler's Light. I’ll talk to Ikora. QUI: She still talks to you? SHU: I’m Liaison to the Vanguard. It’s my job. Besides, I’m irresistibly charming. RAM: Even if? SHU: Even if.


Owl Sector Internal, OS-I6 3
RAM: Berriole found a trove of laboratory notes in a locked section of the Dust Palace. Some dead scientist named Shirazi. Some forgotten experiment under the auspices of Willa Bray. QUI: She's good as a bloodhound for secrets. SHU: You could use a bit more sheepdog, yourself. RAM: Our Guardians will honor the ban on City travel. This has been relayed on all channels as far as Saturn. QUI: They might have honored the quarantine. SHU: They're Guardians, Quist. Means the Light has cooked their brains. Haven't you seen them dancing in the Plaza, for no reason, with no music at all? We'll take what we can get.

Как мы видим, подготовка к обновлению Rise of Iron идем полным ходом, уже появились некоторые изменения, например теперь падают коробки с патронами для основного оружия. Вероятно, нужно собрать все бафы.

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