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IntroductionSo, after I've used many guides here myself, I finally decided to create one myself. So this is my first ...

IntroductionSo, after I've used many guides here myself, I finally decided to create one myself. So this is my first .... - Изображение 1

So, after I've used many guides here myself, I finally decided to create one myself. So this is my first guide here, and I have decided to make one about Lee Sin. The reason for this is because I in some way have been facinated by him, and gotten pretty good results when playing him.
Hope you like it!:)

Random Updates About This Guide
Sooo. After I recieved a comment about the amount of stuff in this guide, I have decided to explain myself, so that I won't recieve more comments saying "you need to expand".. This is my first guide! I am still learning how to do all this, and therefor there will be updates and expansions, but it takes time. :)

Items Explained

I start with Doran's Shield this is because I in early game would want to have some survivability, and substain lane for as long possible.
When I finally go back to buy or regain health I pick up Boots of Speed this grants me some mobility, and later on this will help a lot.
Now I pick up Wriggle's Lantern to get lifesteal, armor, damage and a ward every 3 minutes. This item will help me substain lane and also ward so a jungler don't run up and kill me every time he is around.
Now I upgrade my Boots of Speed to Mercury's Treads. This will grant me both tenacity so stun and slow ect. durations is decreased. This will help me get out of situations where I usually would either have died or be forced to recall.
Now I get Frozen Mallet. This is a big boost when getting into fights, because it gives me a boost of 700hp and also a little bit of damage. But besides this it also lets me chase down "prey" easier when they try to run away.
After that I get Maw of Malmortius, this is a big help when I try to either deal damage or avoid dying. It gives great survivability because it makes this shield.
Finally before i exchange my Doran's Shield i pick up The Bloodthirster. This item lets Lee Sin deal tons of damage, and quickly eliminate an enemy. Also it gives great survivability because of the massive amount of lifesteal that it gives.
I change my Doran's Shield with Trinity Force, I could also have changed it with an item that gave more survivability fx. Randuin's Omen but I prefer to get more mobility so that it's easier to chase down enemies that is running away, and also it helps escaping. Besides all this it also gives a little amount of damage and ability power, which will help in fights.
When this is done i exchange my Wriggle's Lantern in something more usefull in late game, because you don't really need the ward anymore, and the damage and armor is a little low when in late game, so you would want to exchange that with something better depending on the situation. When you have problems surviving and you are dying too often by something AD, you can replace with Randuin's Omen (if you haven't already gotten this item instead of Doran's Shield. Or if the opponents is building much armor, you can replace with Last Whisper to get armor pen which will really help out when having trouble dealing damage. And if you are doing fine against AD opponents, but the problem is AP, then you can grab Guardian Angel this item though is good agains both AD and AP.

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