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«Канобу» и «ВКонтакте» запускают «Стрим-центр» — сервис для тех, кто любит смотреть и проводить прямые трансляции. Наш сервис поможет делиться стримами с «ВКонтакте», Twitch и YouTube и обеспечит новую аудиторию, которой будет интересен именно ваш контент.

«Стрим-центр» доступен на любой странице «Канобу» — достаточно нажать на стрелку в верхнем правом углу и развернуть сетку с активными стримами. Вы также можете открыть чат, кликнув на иконку сообщения в правом углу.

Кнопка «Добавить стрим» позволит поделиться прямой трансляцией. После нажатия вы увидите три активных поля. В первой строке нужно вписать адрес канала, остальные поля заполнит наш сервис.

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Делиться стримами — это просто! Попробуйте сами. Обратите внимание, что после добавления стрима ваша трансляция сначала отправится на рассмотрение модераторов.

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According to the photovoltaic (PV) Market Tracker News said, as the two largest solar market stagnant or reduced tar ...

According to the photovoltaic (PV) Market Tracker News said, as the two largest solar market stagnant or reduced tariff subsidies, 2011 global photovoltaic grid-connected http://www.bestpowerinverter.com/inverter-with-charger-ups-c-4.html market fell slightly, but growth in the rest of it was down.

PV grid-connected inverter FUJITSU Lifebook T4215 keyboard shipments from last year fell to 23.6GW in 2010, 23.4GW, reduces the 1%. At the same time, average sale price fell sharply, PV inverter sales last year fell from $ 15% to $ 6.1 billion. Sharp photovoltaic grid-connected inverter prices drop 14% last year, much more than previously forecast decline in 10%.

However, Solar Inverter shipments this year is expected to return to growth, is expected to increase from 5% to 24.5GW, and continuous expansion over the next three years. Although sales in 2012 will continue to slide, but will narrow to only 3% per cent fall, then, driven by the recovery of growth in new markets, by 2014, growth rates are expected to rise to about 20%.

Inverter is used to convert solar PV modules to capture available forms of power, eventually entering the network. 2011 inverter shipments decline, likely attributable to Germany and the Czech Republic are the two key markets shrink. Germany stall in the photovoltaic industry, the inverter shipments IBM ThinkPad T43 keyboard last year fell from 9.9GW to 6.1GW. While the Czech Government reducing tariff subsidies to prevent overheating of solar industry, causing the inverter from 1.5GW drop in shipments to 55MW.

Lucky is that other market supports the growth of the overall market. The biggest increase in shipments in China, increased from 691MW to 1.6GW. United States growth ranks second, rose from 1.5GW to 2.8GW. China and the United States, and Japan, this year will be the inverter of maximum absolute growth opportunities. France and Italy 2011 also performed well in the market, but these two markets in 2012 is expected to face greater difficulties, because of the two countries the Government adjust tariff and limiting PV installation to reduce the PV industry growth.

2012 expected PV inverters for substantial growth in other markets including India, emerging markets in Asia, Latin America, and EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

2011 Germany,dell-laptop-cpu-fan SMASolarTechnology is still the largest manufacturers in the PV inverter market, total global shipments (MW) 31%. United States Power-One of California's second-largest manufacturer, market share is 12%, and is Italy's number one manufacturer in the market.

There are various product launches continued over the past year, many manufacturers introduced a grid-friendly products and water power stations, to complement the ground product. In addition, manufacturers have also developed support Germany products of low voltage requirements, more low-power of three-phase products, and wireless communication capabilities to improve monitoring, improve the interoperability with other systems.

In order to maintain growth, inverter manufacturers must focus on ibm thinkpad z61t series cpu fan certain areas, or are ready to invest in global demand appears. Due to major solar national adjustment policies, market growth will slow down in Europe, America, Asia and Eastern Europe/EMEA areas will contribute most to the recent expansion of new market opportunities

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