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Пост в «Паб» от 28.04.2012

In Switzerland, a ski lift was implemented the first http://www.bestpowerinverter.com/200w-monocrystalline-solar-panel-cheap-solar-panel-p-104.html, sun ski lift is in operation since late 2011, equipped with technology from the Siemens Industry Automation, is in deTenna station in the Swiss canton of Grisons.

The ski lift generated 3 times more electricity than it needs to function and has doubled its performance, the lift travels a distance of nearly half a kilometer and is at an altitude of 1,644 over the sea level.

According to Siemens, the lift would have a complete renovation and modernization, the cooperative GST, which is leading the station lift, chose a combined solution of the photovoltaic system and automation.

Were installed as new equipment FV, which are associated with the mechanism of the lift, are based on a system developed by solar panels 82 which form patterns photovoltaic panels which in turn are placed between the wires, and are guided automatically into where the sun, it generates an output of 90,000 kWh per year about two thirds of whom are turning to the grid at market prices, using PVM Sinvert investors from Siemens.

Moreover, the new automated system has improved the performance of drag and lift mechanism, also according to the company has made it possible to double the transport capacity per hour of up to 800 people, the lift has cost 1.25 million Swiss francs, about one million euros.

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