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«Канобу» и «ВКонтакте» запускают «Стрим-центр» — сервис для тех, кто любит смотреть и проводить прямые трансляции. Наш сервис поможет делиться стримами с «ВКонтакте», Twitch и YouTube и обеспечит новую аудиторию, которой будет интересен именно ваш контент.

«Стрим-центр» доступен на любой странице «Канобу» — достаточно нажать на стрелку в верхнем правом углу и развернуть сетку с активными стримами. Вы также можете открыть чат, кликнув на иконку сообщения в правом углу.

Кнопка «Добавить стрим» позволит поделиться прямой трансляцией. После нажатия вы увидите три активных поля. В первой строке нужно вписать адрес канала, остальные поля заполнит наш сервис.

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Делиться стримами — это просто! Попробуйте сами. Обратите внимание, что после добавления стрима ваша трансляция сначала отправится на рассмотрение модераторов.

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Hawaii's laws with regards to privacy possess prohibited the release of an certified record of births to any one who does not have any real interest.So named "birthers" assert Barak is in-eligible to be us president simply because they claim that there is no resistant that he was given birth to in the us, with many different in the naysayers questioning regardless of whether this individual was actually created in the united states involving Nigeria, his / her dads home nation.Hawaii's wellness representative explained within 2009 & 09 she had seen and in addition tested This administration's unique public information, and delivery is aware by 50 percent Honolulu magazines ended up posted within times of The presidents beginning with Gynecological Hospital within The hawaiian islands.Health Department. speaker Janice Okubo in addition verified on Friday which The presidents title is actually found in the alphabetical report on labels of individuals born within The hawaiian islands, taken care of throughout destined duplicates available for the public look at.In which information, referred to as index-data, shows a listing with regard to "Obama Two, Barack Hussein, Man,In . as well as in accordance with the division's web site.http://www.hollisterjobssales.com/ Your Barack obama marketing campaign released certificates of stay birth in 2008, an official report in the state exhibiting the particular president's birthday,

"The catalog is definitely to express who's their own records inside the particular office. That is certainly an indication," Okubo said. "I cannot discuss a person's records."

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