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Пост в «Паб» от 06.10.2011


Along with the Galaxy Tab Samsung, 7.7, HTC flyer, UPAD Zenithink and Apple IPAD, Huawei also introduced its new tablet huawei s7 , 7-inch Tablet PC . Subtle difference is price: Huawei wants to sell his media platform below 11 850 p, real competitive price for this clever gadget. Now this new model to have at its disposal to chinabring.ru and we could look at the tab already.

Housing Huawei S7 consists almost entirely of brushed aluminum. It looks elegant, but also significant. For the smart tablet weighs 390 grams, making proudly in his jacket pocket, inside, where it still fits well, suschestvenny.Displey not, as the Chinese put on a Samsung AMOLED, but the thought of an interesting feature: you can screw a high resolution 1076 x 600 pixels up to huge 1280 x 800 pixels. Ideal For example, in order to watch videos and movies. When changing media platform restart, which takes a little bit.

Otherwise, we have also seen that the display is very good: the device responds to the correction of our fingers in, and seems to be relatively rich in color and quite yarkim.Vechnaya fate of all tablets must also notify area media: Fingerprints can affect the display of dirty quickly . In the dual-core processor running tab at 1.2 GGts.Operatsionnoy system Android 2.2 course, including an application for Android Market, we have downloaded countless Facebook, Youtube, software for viewing and editing office and PDF documents, games and more.

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